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Boots for Botswana

14 Aug, 2017 / 0

Do you have any soccer boots or shin pads that your kids have outgrown? Would you like an African community to benefit from your kids’ pre-loved boots?

Patrick Barden, a Pagewood Football Club coach and owner of This is Africa, along with the board of Pagewood Football Club, have a great plan to utilise unused, excess football equipment. Together they are sending old Pagewood shirts, socks and shorts to the African Bush Camps Foundation, a not-for-profit charity operating in Botswana and Zimbabwe. They would love to be able to complement the clothing with some pre-loved soccer boots and shin pads.

With the end of the season only a couple of weeks away, we’d appreciate any out-grown boots to be donated to the club by 26th August. A ‘boot bin’ will be set up in front of the canteen.

Please only donate boots that are in decent condition. For shipping and customs purposes, can you also please clean the boots prior to donating them.

For more information on African Bush Camps Foundation visit:

For information about Boots for Botswana, contact Patrick at This is Africa on 02 9664 9187, or email

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