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MiniRoos Meet and Greet Dates

30 Jan, 2019 / 1

Meet and Greet/Info Nights

  • U5-U7s – Tuesday, 26th February, 5:30pm @ Jellicoe Park
  • U8-U9s – Monday, 4th March, 5:30pm @ Jellicoe Park
  • U10-U11s – Monday, 4th March, 6:30pm @ Jellicoe Park

Your contact for further questions email:


  • Hi all

    I wanted to introduce myself as the new coach for the under 8 this year. I will be taking over from Vince hansimikali for the Dark Knights and just wanted a little insight into what this will all entail.. I’m the father of Charlie kondos a player in our team with little to no experience in coaching. I’m really excited about the prospect of coaching my son, something I guess all fathers would be.

    My questions are
    1. When can we schedule regular training sessions
    2. When does the comp start
    3. What facilities/equipment will I have on offer
    4. Is there an info night for coaches etc

    We would like to secure in 2 nights for training, the first of which would be a wednesday night from 5.30 till 7. The second night is still trying to be worked out

    Hoping to hear from you soon


    Chris kondos

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