MiniRoos Girls U8s - U12s


U8-U9s – 5pm

U10-U12s – 6pm

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This is for any child who wants to play in our MiniRoos competition. If you already have an established team, then we just require the manager to come along and complete the team sheet. For those of you who are registered, but are looking for a team, we require you to come along, as this is where we collate all of the players into teams. If you played last year but are not sure what is going on with your team this year, its best that you come along.

The club prides itself on providing ‘top quality’ facilities, equipment, and coaching to enable players to achieve their personal level of excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission of the PBFC MiniRoos is to maintain it’s tradition of excellence in developing players, coaches and teams. We provide a fun, friendly, family atmosphere with all coaches, players, parents and administrators working together for the integrity and future of our club. Together with retaining our players we continually attracting new players thus ensuring growth and continued success and viability.

Our Vision

The vision of the PBFC MiniRoos is to be recognised by players, coaches, and families to be the most progressive, forward thinking, ambitious soccer club in the Eastern Suburbs.

The club views the following attributes to be key in achieving its vision:

  • A strong network of supporters
  • A well respected football program
  • The best Head Coaching and training staff
  • First class facilities for members and supporters
  • Dedicated fields for each age group with permanent line markings & goalposts
  • Strong relationships with the local council

Our Values

Leadership – Demonstrate leadership in the sport of football and being progressive in our actions

Integrity – Conduct all business in an honest, ethical and trustworthy manner.

Fair Play – Adhere to the principles of “fair play” both on and off the field

Excellence – Strive for and support the greatest level of achievement for members, players, volunteers and staff.

Support those who support to club – in particular our sponsors and members thus attracting the support and respect of the Local Community.

Our Goals

PBFC has identified, and set for itself, several goals and objectives and is committed to their implementation as outlined the Strategic Development Plan. The club has set a number of goals for itself aimed to improve its management and administration of the affairs of the club through better communication with all of its membership and partners.

The club will be recognised for providing the most up to date coaching techniques thus attracting players and ensuring growth. The club will encourage more social interaction between players thus creating a “family soccer club” for the Eastern Suburbs community to enjoy.


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The Miniroos National Playing Formats and Rules can be found here:

Miniroos National Format


  • The number of players: 7-a-side including a goalkeeper
  • Maximum of 3 substitutes
  • The field of play Minimum: 40m long x 30m wide
  • Best Practice: 45m long x 35m wide Maximum: 50m long x 40m wide
  • Goal size 3m wide x 2m high Ball size Size 3
  • Duration of the game 20 min halves
  • Minimum 5 min half time break
  • Penalty area 5m deep x 12m wide


  • The number of players: 9-a-side including a goalkeeper
  • Maximum of 3 substitutes
  • The field of play Maximum: 70m long x 50m wide Best Practice: 65m long x 45m wide Minimum: 60m long x 40m wide
  • Goal size Maximum: 5m wide x 2m high
  • Ball size Size 4
  • Duration of the game 25 min halves
  • Minimum 5 min half time break
  • Penalty area 5m deep x 12m wide

Sponsors and Local Partners