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On Australia Day 2010, PBFC President George Lundy devised a way that PBFC could contribute to the greater community and build on the strength of the club’s members and volunteers.

George suggested holding a fundraiser, and in conjunction with some keen members of the club, the fundraising day was scheduled for August 2010.

The fundraiser (named Pink Day) was a great success with sponsors coming on board and generously donating prizes, or funding rides and activities. Club members sourced great prizes and a small team stepped up to the challenge of making sure the day went smoothly and was a success.  External providers of rides and activities also generously provided discounted services to assist the club achieve their goal of raising money and awareness of cancer.

Buoyed by the success of Pink Day, the fundraiser became a permanent fixture on the club’s calendar.

This first fundraiser was a great platform from which the club learnt a lot of lessons.  Each year has provided the club with an opportunity to develop better processes, and the addition of a dedicated administration officer from the club has enabled other volunteers to focus on the hard task of securing prizes and attending to behind the scenes activities.


In the five years PBFC has held the annual fundraiser, the club community has raised an incredible $35,750 – all through the generosity of sponsors, members and friends.

The monies raised are as follows:

  • 2014 – Black Dog Institute – $8750
  • 2013 – Sydney Children’s Hospital = $12000
  • 2012 – Juvenile Diabetes Foundation – $5000
  • 2011 – Prostate Cancer Foundation – $5000
  • 2010 – Cancer Council – Pink Day – $5000


PBFC would especially like to acknowledge the club sponsors, whose support assists the club achieve its fundraising goals.

Thanks go out to the Graphic Arts Club Mascot, NG Farah, RAMS Home Loans, Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, and Audi Centre Sydney.

The club would also like to thank the Fundraising Team – Judith Levitt,  Dea Parker, Fiona Caspersz and PBFC Treasurer Nick Gemisis for their time and effort in organising the day.

The day would not be as successful without the volunteers who set up stalls and games, man the cake stall, and give their time to help out – thank you to all volunteers.  Thanks also to the canteen  – your generosity is greatly appreciated.


The Fundraising Team would like to invite any interested club members to put their hand up, join in and help in whatever way they can.

If you have a suggestion for the 2015 charity or would like to register your interest in joining the Fundraising Team, please contact the Administration Officer at .