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Name: Brianna Edwards
Nickname: Brii
Age : 11
Years with club : 4
Favourite Position:  Goalie
Favourite team: Brazil
Favourite food : Mangoes
Favourite drink : Frappe
Football Highlight: Winning her first penalty shoot outShane McDonald  – team45

Name: Shane McDonald
Team: Over45s
Position: Sweeper/left back.
Time with the club: 7 yrs approx..
Favourite Team: Manchester united fanatical – Born in MAN U
Favourite beer: blonde






Name: Bonnie Iriarte
Favourite food and drink: chicken schnitzel and lemon, lime and bitters
Favourite number: 10
Previous club: none been with pagewood for nearly 7 years
Favourite Pagewood moment: being the captain when winning the under 16s grand final
Hobbies: Going to concerts and swing dancing