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Sunday 4th May

All Age Men – Over 35s

Name: Sean Fenton
Age: 47
Favourite Position: Wide Midfield
Years with the club: 35
Favourite Team: Liverpool
Football highlight: Playing with my mates every weekend
Favourite food/drink: Pasta and Pale Ale

Premier League

Name: Stefano
Nickname: Stef
Favourite Football achievement: Socring in the Italy Cup 2012
Food/drink: Pizza and beer
Hobbies: Soccer and dance

 All Age Women
Name: Rianna Bove
Age: 22
Favourite number: 8
Fav position: Sweeper
Club history: Maroubra united 07-08 and Pagewood ever since
Favourite team: Man U
Highlight: Winning the grand final in my first year of soccer
Favourite food: Ice cream
Favourite drink: Coke

Junior Girls

Name:  Bianca Iriate
Age : 13
Position – Centre back.
Nickname – BB or Bee.
Hobbies – dancing, going to the beach, and shopping.
Favourite Food – mash potato, and chicken.
And I love One Direction, and Niall is my favourite.
—Bianca was an old Pagewood player, who took a break from soccer, but has now come back with a vengeance.  Great player in her position and a great team player.

Junior Boys

Name: Luke Ryan
Age: 13
Number:  1
Favourite Position Goalkeeper
Hobbies: Soccer, Squash, Running
Favourite Food/drink: Pizza/Coke
—Saved 2 penalties on the weekend in a strong 3-2 win