Q. When do we play?

A. Boys/Mixed teams – All games are played on Saturdays.

U5’s, U6’s & U7’s Mixed Teams – all games are played at Jellicoe Park in the morning.

U8’s & U9’s Boys – Games are played against other ESFA teams at various parks in the Eastern Suburbs.

U10’s & U11s Boys – Games are played against other ESFA teams at various parks in the Eastern Suburbs.

Girls only Teams Play on Sundays

Q. When do we train?

A. Training is normally 1 night per week and lasts for about 1 hour.  Our home ground is Jellicoe Park (Park, Parade Pagewood). The day and time of your training will be at the discretion of the team coach. He/She needs to arrange training on a day and at a time that suits both him/her and the team. Once your coach has selected a night and time, that will be the night & time you train all season.

Q. Can my child play with his friends?

A. In the U5’s, – U7’s children can play with their friends. In the U8’s to U11’s it is preferred that children look to play in a team with other children of similar ability.

Q. Do I need to have played before?

A. No. Players of all abilities and skill levels are welcome.

Q. At what age can I start playing?

A. Your child needs to be turning at least 5 in 2023 (Born 2018). PBFC runs a program for kids aged 3-4 years old called Pumas to cater for younger age groups.

Q. In what Age Group will my child be playing in 2023?

A. The Age your child turns in 2021 is the Age Group they should play in. (e.g. if your child is turning 8 in 2023, they should** play in the Under 8’s Age Group).

**If the club believes a child would be better served either playing up or even down an age group for whatever reason, then together with the parents we will make a decision based on the best interests of your child.

Q. How do I find out more about the playing rules?

A. Check out the”Grounds Facilities and Game format” tab in the menu.

Q. What is the inclement weather policy?

A. In the event of rain, either on the morning or overnight we suggest you check the website or better still join our TeamApp to receive updates. We will update TeamApp immediately and the website by 8:00am on the weekend and 3:00pm on weekdays as to whether the parks are open or closed. If the parks are closed there is to be no training or playing of games under any circumstances.

Q. Do I need Boots & Shinpads?

A. You will need to purchase boots and shin-pads for your child. At these age groups, we recommend you do not purchase expensive boots as your child will grow out of them soon enough. Players need to wear their boots & shin-pads to both training and the games. Children who forget to bring either will not be permitted to participate – so please don’t forget.

Q. When does the Season start & finish?

A. In 2021, the season should commence in early April and the season ends in the middle/late August (depending on non-competitive vs competitive schedule).

Q. How many games are there per season?

A. The club will endeavour to play as many rounds as possible.

Q. Are there games during the school/ public holidays?

A. TBA as per ESFA draw.

Q. Is my child allowed to wear their glasses? 

A. Players are permitted to wear SPORTS glasses when playing or training. Standard glasses must not be worn.

Q. What size ball do they play with?

A. The Under U5’s to U9’s use a size 3 ball and the Under U10’s & U11’s a Size 4 ball. Each player will get a new ball (which you keep) at the beginning of the season.

Q. As a parent, what do I need to provide?

A. You will need to provide boots, shin-pads, water bottle, transportation, and a lot of positive support.

Q. Who is the Club’s Member Protection Offer?

John Harris – johnmharris@bigpond.com

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