MiniRoos - U10s to U12s - Skill Acquisition Phase


Skills Acquisition U10s to U12s Principles

  • The coach focusing extensively on providing a solid foundation of technical skill.
  • If the player does not gain this skill foundation during this phase it will be very difficult to make it up later.
  • No amount of fitness or competitive spirit will ever compensate for deficiencies in functional game skills.

For U10s to U12s at this age the children are ready for a more structured approach to training.
In every session the focus is on one of the core skills, from the beginning until the end of the session (“theme based sessions”).

PBFC are committed to coaching MiniRoos individual player skills, and require coaches to focus their training on the following 4 skills:

First Touch: The ability for a player to control a ball

Running with the Ball: The ability of players to dribble the ball

1v1: The ability of players to take on an opposition defender

Striking the Ball: The ability of a player to accurately shoot at goal


Component Time (min) Definition
Skill Introduction 15 “Warm up” An activity designed to set the tone of the session and allow the players to understand what skill you are focusing on. This warm up should increase in intensity and difficulty.
Skill Training 20 An activity designed to replicate the skill where it would occur in a game situation. This activity should allow the players to be challenged and make decisions.
Skill Game 20 The final component of a training session is always a game. The players focus on playing, the coach assesses the success of the session. The Skill Game should include as many as possible of the elements of the real game and be organised in such a way that the designated core skill has to be used regularly. Skill Games are preferably small-sided games to maximise the number of repetitions/touches.

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