Football Excellence Program (FEP)

2023 Football Excellence Program details

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Pagewood Botany FC runs a Football Program concentrating on the improvement of individual players Technical Ability.

PBFC has developed players for over 40 years through our positive training programs who have gone on to play at the highest levels in Australian football. We at PBFC believe that players deserve to improve their skills. Dedicated to individual performance our new Football Excellence Program has been developed through all our years of experience into an intense training program.

Our experienced coaches are dedicated to teaching players how to express themselves on and off the pitch. Learning discipline and responsibility that they can carry into their everyday lives.

Our programs are designed to test our players and push them to improve:

  • Speed and Agility
  • Technical Skills
  • Ball Mastery
  • Decision Making
  • Pitch Awareness (Cognition) will take players to their next level of football

We encourage our players to express themselves on the pitch with no limits to their capabilities.

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Mondays – 5:00pm – 6:30pm

TERM 1 – 2023
Monday 6th February – 27th March, 2023


TERM 2 – 2023
Monday 1st May – 19th June, 2023


TERM 3 – 2022
Monday 24th July – 11th September, 2023


TERM 4 – 2022
Monday 16th October – 4th December, 2023 


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