Coaches and Managers

This page provides information for anyone interested in Coaching or Managing a Team in 2020.


Our Coaches and Managers are our greatest asset.

It is through their passion, patience and skill that the talent of our youth is fostered and developed. With an emphasis on quality training, Pagewood Botany Football Club aims to provide a valuable sporting and social experience for all our players and develop talented players.

If you would like to Coach or Manage a team in 2020, please contact:

  • for teams 5s to 12s
  • for teams 13s to 18s
  • for all teams 18s +

The selection of Coaches and Managers takes place over the two weeks following final registrations.

Each team is required to have 1 Coach & 1 Manager (RTO – Registered Team Official).

If the Club has any ‘available’ coaches they will be appointed as the need arises.


There must be a minimum of one (1) Coach registered with every team nominated. This nominated person must wear their registration card at all times when officiating at their team’s games.

If you wish to coach a team in 2020 please fill out this form COACH MANAGER FORM and a complete a Working with Children Check: WWC Check

Registration is free and includes insurance cover with the “Accident Support Program”.

The main role of the Team Coach

  • Coordinate training sessions
  • Game day team selection, strategy & substitutions.

For coaches who have a Grassroots Coaching Certificate and wishing to go on to do the Junior Licence Course, more information can be found on the FFA Coaching website. This Course does have a fee but the Club will reimburse the fee upon passing the course.


There must be a minimum of one (1) Manager/Registered Team Official (RTO) registered with every team nominated. This nominated person must wear their registration card at all times when officiating at their team’s games. The RTO is the team manager. The RTO Manual is available by visiting Information/Forms tab. Click here.

If you wish to manage a team in 2020 please fill out a COACH MANAGER FORM and a complete a Working with Children Check: WWC Check

The role of the Manager (RTO) is to

  • Forward information that is sent out by the Club to all team members
  • Communicate to players training times, match time, social events etc.
  • Complete the Match Cards
  • Look after the players ID cards and present them to the opposition Manager for inspection before each match as well as checking the opposition’s cards.
  • Relay any concerns from the Coach or yourself to your Age Coordinator

Does our Club embrace the Child Protection Legislation?

Absolutely! Anybody involved with your child must sign a Prohibited Employment
Declaration and through the implementation and strategies that assist in preventing child
abuse from occurring, our club takes a pro-active role in helping to foster
a safe and positive environment for every child to participate.
If I still have any questions, who do I call?

If you are unsure about anything, please email or call your club representative.

Coaches Corner

Welcome to the fulfilling role of being a football coach.  There is nothing better than watching our young players learn to play our fantastic game. At PBFC we aim to provide you with the resources to make the experience a worthwhile one that allows you and your team to have a great season.

Here is a sample Coaching Booklet for U8 – U12s:



Football Federation Australia Coaching Resources


The FFA has put together a website that provides structured resources based around the coaching curriculum that takes players and coaches through the development phases from ‘Discovery’ through ‘Skill Acquisition’ to ‘Game Training and finally the ‘Performance Phase’.  The website sets out suggested training session plans that take you through a season:

National Playing Rules and Formats U6 – U11

The attached document outlines the rules and playing formats for each age group from U6 – U11 please download this document and understand the rules for your relevant age group.  The U6 coaches should encourage each of the periods to understand the rules and have a go at being a Game Leader during the season.


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