Club History

Pagewood Botany Football Club was established in 1976 and is a not-for-profit, community based football organisation providing opportunities for boys & girls in the Eastern Suburbs and its surrounding areas to develop football skills, learn teamwork and fair play, and gain a love of sports and physical activity.

Our focus is skill development, sportsmanship and teamwork as well as enjoyment in a safe environment.

The tri-colours of Pagewood Botany Football Club, red, white and blue, were first seen in 1965 after two men, Ernie Small and Patrick Williams, formed a team of under 15s as a breakaway team from the Hakoah Club. They became ‘Prague Juniors’.

They made their home ES Marks Field. Lease costs soon found Prague Juniors looking for a new home. By chance, they fell upon Jellicoe Park. The year was 1967 and the new club grew quickly. State League club, Prague, began to take an active interest deciding to financially back the junior club. Their only request was the club to be now called, Prague Juniors.

The club continued to expand, building a reputation for having outstanding local juniors and some of the country’s top coaches to assist with development. By 1975, many Juniors were playing in representative teams and the club was winning many prestigious cups.

In 1976 The Prague Soccer Club closed its license and all its association with the senior and junior teams. Prague Juniors had a thriving relationship with Botany Municipal Council and a strong presence in the community. This is when Pagewood Botany Football Club came to be.


PBFC Life Members

  • George Vasin
  • Silvia Vasin
  • Michael Vasin
  • Emmanual Sciberras
  • Brett Lambert
  • Paul Taliana
  • Veronica Walters
  • Domonic Taliana
  • Garry Redding
  • Sean Fenton
  • Peter Traynor
  • Stan Stamatellis
  • Robert McComb
  • George Lundy
  • Ara Cokun
  • Matthew Walters
  • Sue Fenton
  • Ian Levitt
  • Stephen Downey
  • Kenny Sorge
  • Glenn Redding

New addition of Nick Gemisis in 2016.

Sponsors and Local Partners