MiniRoos U5s -U7s


U5s – 5pm

U6-U7s – 6pm

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Our under 5, 6 and 7 players have great support for our volunteer coaches and skill development for the players through our HUB.

There are 2 major concepts with this structure:

1. We speak of “squads” instead of individual teams 
2. We have a “training hub” run by skilled coaches to assist and guide existing volunteer coaches and managers.

We found that with teams of 6 players it can be difficult to conduct training, especially if one or two players don’t attend. Also, with only 6 players, teams are often left short of players on weekend games, especially during school holidays. By combining two teams into one squad we hope that training will be more exciting and alleviate the possibility of games being cancelled.

Training young players is not easy. It demands special skills to maintain the attention and eagerness of 5, 6 and 7 year-old players. Fortunately, we have a lot of dedicated parents that happily take on this role and the aim of the training hub is not to replace parents, but to provide assistance from our experienced coaches. Our team of coaches, led by head coach Steve Lawrence, will provide support, feedback and guidance through various drills, making training exciting for both parent coaches and players alike. To make this successful, training will be held in a designated area at Jellicoe on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon/evenings.

In summary:

  • Best practice is to combine two teams into a squad of 12 players with either one or two coaches.
  • Each squad will be allocated 2 games per week on Saturday with each player playing one game. (note* players may play two games if a squad is short of players)
  • There will be no changes to the game format on the weekend i.e. games will be made up of two team of 4 player and reserves interchanged regularly.
  • All training for U5, U6 & U7 grade squads will be conducted on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.
  • Training will be held in a Hub area with experienced coaches assisting parent coaches
  • The training hub will not be compulsory because we realise some teams can only train on a Wednesday. However, we urge all coaches to utilise the hub for the benefit of themselves and the players. We are providing this information now to assist all parents in planning their child’s after school activities.

The MiniRoos National Playing Formats and Rules can be found here:

Miniroos National Format

This age group plays Saturday mornings from 8:30am.


  • The number of players 4-a-side with no goalkeeper
  • Maximum of three substitutes
  • The field of play 30m x 20m
  • Goal size 2m wide x 1m high
  • Ball size Size 3
  • Duration of the game 15 min halves
  • Minimum 5 min half-time break
  • No penalty area required

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