Who is graded?

We grade teams (ability match) from the Under U8s.

Why Grade?

Grading is the only fair way of ensuring teams play with and against players of similar skills and ability. Grading ensures that your child’s involvement in the game, their contribution to the team, as well as their soccer skills are optimised. While children may not always be able to play with their best friends, experience has shown that they quickly form friendships and bonds with their new team mates.

Do you grade for Team Positions?

With the exception of Goalkeepers, players are not usually graded into team positions. Rather they are graded into teams based on their overall performance at grading sessions. Information from the previous year’s coach on each player’s ability and commitment (Player Assessment Sheet) are taken into consideration by the Club Assessors at each grading session.

How successful is the Club’s Grading Process?

Very successful.

While grading involves a degree of subjectivity this is significantly lessened by the following:

• The grading panel is headed by experienced, officially qualified and/or trained coaches.

• Final decisions are based on consensus after input of all members of the grading panel.

What happens if my child misses a Grading Session?

Time, weather and resources permitting, grading sessions are generally run over a two week period and they are compulsory. If your child has a problem attending a grading session please contact the Committee or Age Group Coordinator immediately. If a child has played with the Club previously but is unable to make sufficient grading sessions for a fair assessment to be made, then the Grading Panel may examine the Player Assessment sheets completed by the coach at the end of the previous season prior to making a final decision regarding their graded position. Similarly any new players who do not attend grading sessions will be placed in the lowest graded team and may be assessed at upcoming trial games if necessary.

What is a Player Assessment Sheet?

At the end of each season coaches are asked to fill out Player Assessment Sheets. These sheets
contain an assessment of individual player performances throughout the season both at training and during matches.

Who is on the Grading Panel?

The Assessors are made up of experienced Club coaches and/or players. While the Club strives to appoint independent coaches to a grading panel, this is not always possible. Limited numbers of suitably qualified graders sometimes mean that many of the Club’s most qualified and experienced coaches grade ages that include their own children. However, where this occurs that person is disqualified from grading their child.

When And how will teams be announced?

Team selection should be finalised by the middle of March and you will be advised either at the completion of the grading sessions or by phone from either the Coach or Age-Group Coordinator.

What determines how many players are placed in a team?

Initially, teams are structured to allow for the borrowing of players, late registrations and any possible re-grades. The Club does not allow for players to be re-graded down (without their consent) but players can be moved up. For this reason higher graded teams may possibly start with fewer players than the team below.

What should I do if I have concerns with my child’s team placement or the Club’s Grading Policy?

General issues, comments or enquiries regarding grading or the grading process should be directed to the Club Secretary.
Players must attend grading nights unless excused by Club Committee

• No player will be graded unless they are wearing appropriate footwear and compulsory shin pads

• Age groups requiring two or three nights may be reduced to one night if approved by Club Committee

To avoid any misunderstanding, we can only assume that if a player does not attend a grading night, he/she has decided not to play and their name will be removed from team lists.

If unable to attend the grading night(s), please advise the Age Group Coordinator as soon as possible so that your inability to attend the right grading night may be noted.

This year we have a number of Assistant Club Assessors. If you have any queries regarding the grading you will be able to contact either a Committee member or Age Group Coordinator who can put you in contact with one of the Club’s Assessors to discuss any grading issues that you may have.

We hope this system will be beneficial to players, parents, coaches and managers.


Please remember that the purpose of the grading is not to get your child as high a grade as possible. But to have them graded into a level of competition that best suits their ability. This will enable your child to have a chance in contributing to the team, achieve some football skill development and receive enjoyment from participation. Please ensure you have your child at grading at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Prior to the season starting, your assistance will be required to carry out various tasks to ensure the season runs smoothly. Please assist by helping out when and wherever possible.

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