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Here is a Coaching Resource for Injury Prevention for all Coaches
Pagewood Botany Football Club Injury Prevention Management Guide

With pre-season for this season under way it is important to look out for signs and symptoms of certain injuries that can often occur after a long period off training. We commonly see a number of people in the clinic as the football season rolls in, due to the fact that people are more deconditioned following the off season and get back into an intense training schedule straight away.
A very common pre-season injury which we have started to see a bit of already this year is groin injuries (also known as adductor strains). They can often occur gradually after a rapid increase in physical activity levels (~73%). However, they can occur acutely during kicking or changing direction.

Common signs and symptoms of groin injuries included pain on the inner thigh or front of the hip, which often occurs with running, kicking, jumping and landing or changing direction. Other day to day issues people often complain about is climbing stairs, getting in and out of the car and squatting.

If you are having issues with groin pain then some simple effective management techniques to assist with your symptoms include gentle stretching (3 x 30 seconds holds), open/close the gate exercises and leg swings across the body during both the warm up and cool down phases. It is important for coaches when starting pre-season to ensure a graded increase in exercise intensity to allow your players bodies to adapt to the stresses of the sport, which will reduce the likelihood of overuse injuries to players.

If you are struggling with any pre-season niggles please come and see us in the clinic to have it assessed and get treated so that you’re in the best shape you can be leading into the season! Remember all players and family members receive a 20% discount on initial consultations and follow up treatment sessions!

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